We Believe

Life in Technicolor!

Our passion is to bring a vibrant, community-centered way of life to traditional elder living.

What We Stand For

Priya Living’s mission is to bring joy by creating communities where our members feel alive.

Priya: A Better Future for Elders

Priya: A Better Future for Elders

Not interested in senior living? Neither are we. It’s why we’re building Priya communities instead.

It’s a Way of Life

It’s a Way of Life

We take the concept of “community” very seriously. Priya communities aren’t just places to live … they’re a way of life.

Add Some Masala

Add Some Masala

Whatever your background, wherever you hail from, you’re welcome in our communities. Careful, though … things might get a little spicy.

We Believe

Celebrating Culture

We capture what it means to "live in technicolor" through our design and décor, food, programming and experiences.

Always Saying Yes!

“No” isn’t an option for us. We always want to accommodate your choices, whether it’s your home, the food, programming, etc.

A Place to Belong

It's a place to connect with family and friends, foster community and be yourself.

Inspiring Residents

Priya Living is playful, warm, welcoming and engaging. You’re retired (maybe), not tired.

Delivering Social Good

We want to be a force for positive change in the world, from volunteerism to mentoring to advocacy.

Staying Fun!

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. So we keep the energy up and provide unexpected moments of surprise and delight.

Life at Priya

“I founded Priya to bring multiple generations together to live, play and enjoy each other’s company.”

— Arun Paul, Founder of Priya Living
Our Story

Connection and Community

Priya Living’s mission is to bring joy to families by creating communities where our elders feel inspired, connected and alive.


Inspired, Not Retired

You’re not the type to sit around and watch TV all day. No, you’ve got things to do, places to go and people to see! Luckily for you, fun is always on the menu at Priya Living.


Leave your door open. Sip chai on the patio. Laugh with friends. Eat well. Have fun.

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