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What is Priya Living?

Priya Living offers active and purposeful community living for elders. We’re committed to bringing people of all generations and backgrounds together to create a rich and rewarding lifestyle for our community members, their friends and families. We create vibrant communities with well-being at their core. Priya focuses on bright, uplifting decor and designs, unique communal spaces and innovative programming where everyone can feel a sense of belonging.

How does Priya Living compare to other communities?

We aim to make your daily living experience breezy and easy. We offer convenience, consistency, comfort and a culture that’s familiar and warm.

Every Priya community offers services to simplify your life. Based in central and convenient locations, our communities are modern and include maintenance, transportation, landscaping, freshly prepared food and access to additional health care services if needed. We do the heavy lifting so that you can enjoy built-in perks like group yoga, karaoke and other colorful programming.

What’s the atmosphere like? Do members socialize?

Priya’s private residences are designed for older adults who want to continue living independently … but to do it in technicolor! As a community member, you’ll enjoy fresh, delicious, culturally rich food. Your friends are always here, living in their own suites just around the corner. There are ample opportunities to meet up, hang out and enjoy all the benefits of living communally in a beautiful space. Priya Living ups your social, cultural and recreational lifestyle in a way that is YOU.

How will I stay connected with my family and friends?

The pandemic showed the value of social interaction through technology. Here at Priya, our members enjoy multiple opportunities for social interaction online as well as in person. We support connections with loved ones and new friends around the world. We pride ourselves on creating friendly and open communities that promote trust and goodwill. Invite your family and friends over to sip chai on the patio with neighbors, play ping pong or hit the indoor movement studio. We’re here to make living as light as possible.

Who decides what I do each day?

You do. At Priya, you decide what your day will look like, how you’ll spend your time, what you’ll eat and where you’ll eat it … everything! Priya Living is home to elders who enjoy and want to maintain their independence and lifestyle. There are tons of programs and incredible amenities for you to experience at each of our locations.

Will I have privacy in an apartment setting?

Yes! Your suite is yours and the communal spaces are also yours. We happily admit, though, that most of Priya’s members spend more time than they initially expected outside of their suites, joining in activities and socializing galore!

Will I have to change my routine to fit into a schedule?

Daily life at Priya is full of wonderful and exciting events that make every day special—you craft your daily schedule based on whatever is of interest to you. You can participate in as little or as much of community life as you desire. There’s so much to do and we know that one size doesn’t fit all! So whether you like yoga, water aerobics or crafting, there’s something for you.

What activities and programs are offered?

While each location has unique programming and activities, every Priya residence is centered around building a strong sense of belonging and community. There are so many opportunities and different ways to connect and socialize. Whether it’s enjoying the sun lounging poolside (where we have pools) or hanging out with neighbors while grilling on the patio, community is what we’re all about. We typically offer exciting group activities that include yoga, laughing yoga, swimming, water aerobics, tai chi, bowling, dance and more. You’ll also find game rooms, movie theaters, arts and crafts, cooking, gardening, karaoke nights, antakshari nights, bocce courts and tiffin services.

Why not arrange for services and simply stay in my current home?

While there are services designed to help you stay in your home, duplicating the social experience of living in a Priya community and the wide range of services is next to impossible. We offer a globally-inspired living experience that includes cultural programming, wellness programs, home maintenance and–best of all–a life surrounded by friends and family.

Who takes care of meals?

It’s up to you! Priya offers a community kitchen where you can prepare meals with your friends using veggies from the communal gardens. Communal dining areas include patios, outdoor lounges or poolside—perfect places for dining al fresco or for some great BBQ. If you want something more laid back or intimate, you can whip up a delicious meal in the spacious kitchen in your apartment. Many Priya residents enjoy meal sharing, taking turns cooking and dining together. Priya communities also are located in the heart of some fabulous dining hubs, with excellent restaurants, grocery stores and farmers’ markets nearby. Note: Dining options, services, and selections may differ by community. Please request a specific list of dining options for the community in which you’re interested.

Preparing to Move
How will I ever fit my stuff into a suite?

Every Priya community offers suites in different sizes and floor plans, some with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Many members bring their treasured pieces; others start fresh with apartment-appropriate furniture. The choice is yours. If you need additional storage space, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you allow pets?

In many of our communities, absolutely! Your small dog or cat is more than welcome. There’s an additional security deposit and monthly fee for pets.

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