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A Vibrant, Energized Life

This isn't the time to slow down. Priya Living is where you come to enjoy your life like never before.

What We Stand For

Built With You in Mind. Welcome!

Life's been quite a journey. Maybe you came for an education. Started a family. Built a career. Now your path leads you to us. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Priya: A Better Future for Elders

Priya: A Better Future for Elders

Whether you're looking to relax and celebrate a rich, fulfilling life or consider what you'd like to do next, we're here to help. Our apartment-style community is designed to eliminate the drudgery and let you focus on what's most important to you.

Bringing People Together

Bringing People Together

We don't use the word “community” lightly. It's not something that happens just because we live in close proximity. We build it through our presence and our participation.

Our Core Values

Celebrating Culture

We capture what it means to “live in technicolor” through our design and décor, food, programming and experiences.

Always Saying Yes!

“No” isn’t an option for us. We always want to accommodate your choices, whether it’s your home, the food, programming or more.

A Place to Belong

Priya is a place to connect with family and friends, foster community and be yourself.

Inspiring Residents

Priya Living is playful, warm, welcoming and engaging. You’re retired (maybe), not tired.

Delivering Social Good

We want to be a force for positive change in the world, from volunteerism to mentoring to advocacy.

Staying Fun!

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. So we keep the energy up and provide unexpected moments of surprise and delight.

It All Started With a Photo Album

When I was a child, I used to spend hours pouring over the one big photo album my parents brought with them when they emigrated from India to America. I’d flip through its pages of black-and-white images as though it were a mysterious book from the past.

Those photographs enthralled me then and continue to linger in my mind. “Who are these people?” I would think. “How did they get from there to here?”

The possibility of meaningful human connection supports all that we do at Priya Living. From communal kitchens to open-air patios, we cultivate our living spaces so residents can connect with each other.

We also offer programming to help them discover more about themselves. We encourage residents to remember their childhoods, to follow their curiosity and to make maast (fun), whether they are gardening, cooking, singing karaoke or just chatting with a friend over a cup of chai.

It’s my turn now to offer what my parents offered me all those years ago when they came to America–a place to belong and to feel loved.

— Arun Paul, Founder of Priya Living

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What Is a Priya Living Community?

Great question. We’re a warm, welcoming place, respectful of who you are and eager to share our rich cultural experience with anyone interested in joining us. We love to celebrate with our families and come together as a community. And we love to serve others. If this resonates with you, we welcome you to join us!

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Your history is not history. It’s everything about who you are. And we’re here to celebrate that.

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