Fremont, CA

Living at the Center of It All!

Priya Living City Center puts you at the heart of all that Fremont has to offer. From Central Park to Fremont Hub to the library, it's all close by.

A Place to Call Home

Live Big. Live Small. It’s Up to You!

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Immersive Lifestyle

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Cultivate Your Passion

Mind, Body, Spirit

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Life in the Heart of It All

We've taken care to ensure everything you desire is either in our community or close by. Whether you’re enjoying our gathering spaces near home or enjoying all that Fremont has to offer, this is community living at its finest.

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The Place to Begin Your Third Act

Priya Living City Center is a place where you can live life to the fullest. It combines a small-town feel and neighbors you know with endless opportunities for dining, shopping, theater and more. And with the BART station to San Francisco, you have all the amenities the city offers.

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What Our Residents Are Saying


“I turned my love of food into a successful side hustle, catering events and parties for friends and family right here at Priya.”

Ravi & Sweety
Ravi & Sweety

“We met on the dance floor at a wedding in Mumbai and brought the house down. Forty-two years, three children, five grandchildren and two Pomeranians later, we still know how to cut a rug.”


“I whoop the loudest at a laughing yoga session. I'll happily emcee your daughter's wedding. I always have a magic trick up my sleeve. And I make the most refreshing Piña Colada. Priya lets me be the life of the party!”


“I practice pranayama breathing every morning. My warrior pose is fierce and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Come on now, don’t be shy! Karaoke nights are a big hit with our residents. Gather with friends to sing the old Bollywood songs you love.


The New Approach to Elder Living

You have spent your life working for others. For the family, for business. This time is your time. That’s why Priya Living communities have turned the concept of independent living communities on its head. We’re here to dance, to sing, to eat and to live life boldly. Because now is our time to celebrate.

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A Lifestyle

You Don’t Just Pick Priya, You Live It

Grab a chai with friends. Join the group for morning meditation or a bracing yoga session. Take a dance class. Catch a Bollywood movie. With so many options, you'll never be bored.


Your Future Looks Bright

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