A Place to Belong

With communities now open or planned across the United States, you can stay close to your family and friends. And yes, that means the grandkids will have no excuse to miss out on frequent visits.


Now Open or Coming Soon

More detailed info on individual communities is coming soon!

Priya communities can be found on the West Coast and soon in the Southwest and Midwest. And there’s more to come.


Life Is for Living

They say being young is the best. But with laughter yoga, Bollywood parlor games, masti lounge and incubator programs to help you start a business or scratch a creative itch, we beg to differ.

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Our Story

Bringing Generations Together

Priya Living was named in honor of our founder’s grandmother (Priya means “beloved” In Sanskrit). It’s the perfect name for a company that believes that life is better when it’s shared with others.

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Your Future Looks Bright

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