Spring Has Sprung: Spring Cleaning in Independent Living

If you’re thinking of making a fresh start this spring, whether in an independent living community or not, some of these tips may be helpful for you.

April 12, 2022

Tips for Cleaning Your Independent Living Home

Make A Plan

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived? Write up a to-do checklist for the week, listing the categories of tasks to complete, the drawers or rooms you’ll be sorting out, and the days and times you’ll allot to completing these tasks.

Ask For Help

My mother wasn’t shy about asking for help and neither am I. As she always said, all hands are needed! And the job, which can seem daunting if you’re tackling it yourself, will get done so much quicker with a little assistance. So don’t shy away from asking your family or friends to chip in. Here at Priya Living, I’m lucky to have friends literally around the corner. One of the best things about independent living is the true sense of community, and your neighbors become your friends. Get some shikanjvi (lemonade) ready, play some records, and invite them over! If heavy lifting or heavy-duty cleaning is required, consider hiring some help.

Space It Out

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done in one day or even in one weekend. You can break down the tasks that need to be completed over the span of a week or two. This will help keep the process more manageable and dare I say… fun?


Take time to reorganize your medicine cabinets, emergency kits, kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, and bathroom cupboards. Throw out anything that’s old or expired, as well as anything you no longer use.


Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, emergency kits, and old light bulbs need to be replaced on a regular basis. A Place for Mom is a great resource—they provide a handy elder safety and well-being checklist that you can use to evaluate your home.

Plants And Flowers

Bringing a little bit of nature inside is always a good idea. You should take my word for it, but this is actually a fact supported by science. Extensive studies (conducted by none other than NASA) have concluded that houseplants are good for your health. They can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours. They can also help reduce stress and improve your concentration and productivity by up to 15%. Repurpose old mason jars as vases for flowers or try vertical gardens, which are a great idea if space is tight.

Wishing you a happy spring—and happy cleaning!

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